Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Restaurant Review: The Macintosh

For those of you that know me well, you know I'm a HUGE fan of Chef Jeremiah Bacon. Not only is the man easy on the eyes, but his dishes are to-die-for.

When I heard about his new spot The Macintosh or "The Mac" it was a must try on my list. Tonight I had hands down one of the best dining experiences EVER in Charleston. Might  I say, I think this has out-done my previous favorites McCrady's, Cypress and Eurasia.

The ambiance was awesome. I literally sat in my chair and rocked out to the soundtrack at this place. From DMB, Counting Crows and Amy Winehouse I was in love!

The staff rocked out some fabulous J Crew vests, with white button down shirts, ties and dark denim. Totally trendy, and totally fun. I'd rock that outfit on the street.

Did I also mention, for my viewing pleasure- we had the money spot. Right into the kitchen...

The Mac is owned by The Indigo Road Restaurant Group which also owns the newest cocktail lounge in Charleston The Cocktail Club which I've never been but have heard rave reviews.

I started with a Mac-Lite {yes, they have lower calorie versions of their cocktails!}

The Grande Carthusian, EG Vodka, green chartreuse,

Totally yummy, but not something I could drink more then one of.

Now on to the good stuff, the food!
Kurios Farms Bibb Lettuce,
Red Pepper, Agra Dolce, Fresh Crouton

Seared Scallops with cauliflower puree, pine nuts and arugula OMG!

7 oz C.A.B. Grilled Deckle,
Hungry yet?!?!
Flounder with Parsnip Puree and Braised Greens

Last but not least.. the most DIVINE dessert ever. Props to the pastry chef.

Chocolate Caramel Torte with Sea Salt

I think this picture does it more justice..

Incredible staff. Fresh & Fabulous Food. Amazing Ambiance. Hot Chef. Really?! I think The Mac is top notch! Can't wait to go back again!

*Please note that  the menu constantly changes daily based upon fresh ingredients and creativity of the chef.

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