Sunday, October 23, 2011

Channeling My Inner Martha

I've never been a crafty one, until I found my new love of Pinterest . Now, my boards are flooded with decor, food, and fashion ideas. Lucky for my followers, they too now have some great recipes to try.. and now some crafts for Halloween!

Since living in the south, I've discovered that pumpkin carving doesn't last. Maybe for a day or two and then they are covered in mold and funk. SO, this year, we've taken pumpkin decor to a whole new level.

We got two pumpkins, just in case if one of my bright ideas didn't work. But, they both did!

Here's our first.

All you need is black puffy paint. I got metallic black so it would sparkle just a little bit.

Next pumpkin, my bling pumpkin.

We spray painted with Brass Metallic spray paint. Honestly, it was pretty fabulous on it's own, but I wanted to personalize with a "F" and a little more bling.

Totally cute, not messy and super easy! We used black buttons and rhinestones. We used a hot glue gun, but I'm sure other glue would work, it would just take longer to dry.

Happy Fall!


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